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Your Face 101's Test Results

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Your Face 101's Test Results

Post by (Fate) NissanDrifter on Mon Dec 07, 2015 8:35 pm

(Fate) NissanDrifter vs. Your Face 101

Red-Eyes' True Power vs. Hazy Flames

2-0 (10/30)

Deck: Total (16/30)

Main Deck:6/10 pretty good but too many dead draws/hands feels like all depends on Hazy Pillars but other than that very good.
Side Deck:0/10 No sidedeck? :\
Extra Deck: 10/10 Awesome man, very awesome

Dueling Skills: Total (19/20)

Knowledge Of Cards: 9/10 Almost flawless except for that +1000 misunderstanding Haha
Concentration:10/10 Very nice

Other: Total (0/20
Misplays:1/10 Great!! just that one thing lol
Quiz:0/20 Didnt take it... Sad

Total Exam Score:(44/100) You did very good its just the quiz and the side deck Sad if you dont like it theres a Re-Test option that costs 200 HC but good job

Welcome to: Clayman Earth Dorm!!

(Fate) NissanDrifter

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